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Essence Bestselling Author, Kenda Bell

Kenda Bell is a self-described cultural sociologist and author of Essence bestselling novel For Every Love There Is A Reason. Her work has appeared in Baltimore Magazine, and The Baltimore Examiner. Even though Kenda has stuttered since age 5, she has been able to leap over a seeming disability and empowered her self and others through various avenues of speaking. After gaining success as a talk show host of her own show called “The Current” ( she began facilitating interactive meetups called “Grown Folks Conversations” at Phaze 10 Restaurant & Lounge in Baltimore Maryland .that fostered healthy dialogue between the genders on a variety of subjects. In 2013, Kenda accepted the role of Producer with WPB Networks for their marque show Women Talk and is a castmate and creative contributor for the television version Women Talk Live which airs on Direct TV via Launch TV.

After honing her voice, Kenda explored the role of actress in her one-woman show, “For Colored Girls Who Said Hell No”, where she examined the different stages of life & emotional development through 3 diverse women of color which debuted fall of 2011. She is looking forward to opportunities to perform her monologues in various arenas to help bring awareness to mental health needs of women of color that are often not spoken of openly.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Kenda’s most popular topics include: “A.N.T.s (Automatic Negative Thoughts)” and “Fairy Tales Aren’t Just for Little Girls: Finding the Adult Lessons in Snow White and Cinderella.” Her workshop style has been dubbed “balanced and real” and “effervescent.” She always uses her signature hula hoop exercise to raise energy and promote openness.

Being forever the student of the world, Kenda Bell rejects the tags of expert and adviser, always sharing, “Everyone is both student and teacher every day of their lives!” Knowing that no one can be an expert on “you,” she prefers to be viewed as an exhorter who helps encourage each individual’s own self-awareness through the sharing of her own experiences and observations.

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