Xpress Yourself Publishing’s¬†Previously Published Titles

Since 2000, Xpress Yourself Publishing has published more than 250 titles by 80 authors. Below, we are proud to showcase a few of our back titles. More titles will be uploaded soon! We hope that you will continue to support Xpress Yourself Publishing and its current and past authors on the literary endeavors. Thank you!

0972299068_Love Changes_Cover 0972299084_Thats I Like It_Cover An Extra Ordinary Affair_Cover

BDI_Cover BN_cover_web site Consequences_Novel_NEW COVER

Dangerously Book Cover EPUBIT_Undeniably Torm_Cover2 perf5.500x8.500.indd

Food Temptress_Front Cover JTS_Front Cover Image Lessons Learned

RQS_Cover 1secret3 Served Cover copy

SPFM_DeeseHermanJohnson_Front Cover The Cut Is Always The Deepest The Food Enchantress copy

Tonight I Give In Cover Touched by Mama_Final_Front CoverWAWTD_Covercopy

CostofOurAffairs_Covercopyangelcrush anotherman

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